Garden – Community Outreach

Student picking bell peppers in the garden
In 2013, construction of our garden was completed. Chef Kris helped with the design of the garden and handpicked produce to plant throughout it. The produce from the garden is then used by Le Bistro as well as the instructors and chef-students. Previously planted lettuces, squash, peas and carrots are now ready for picking and being featured on the menu. In addition to using the garden to supply Le Bistro with fresh produce, we have also added Sustainable Gardening to our student curriculum. The ongoing maintenance and cultivation of the garden is handled by both Chef Instructors and students.

CIL also partners with Last Organic Outpost, where educational visits are organized for the students. Last Organic Outpost is a community research farm located in the 5th Ward of Houston, which focuses on educating the community on growing and eating healthy.

Students learn about healthy nutrition, urban agriculture, and sustainability through the process of picking, cleaning, and cooking the fruits and vegetables on location.