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Cognizant Transformation Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Announced


Cogniizant Transformation is a leading transformational solutions organization based in India. We work with individuals, groups and corporate, alike. Our aim is helping individuals and teams realize and achieve their potential and grow to reach greater heights.
Cogniizant believes in the power and potentials of entrepreneurs, and we would like to support the budding entrepreneurs by providing them a leg up on their entrepreneurial journey. To do so we have started $1,000 Cogniizant Young Entrepreneur Scholarship, this is open to budding entrepreneur across the world.


This scholarship is open to all students, who are 18+ years of age and are enrolled in School/College for the year 2016 anywhere in the world.
To view the scholarship details, visit (

How to apply?

Students can participate in two ways—

Option 1 : Write a 1000 word essay on any aspect of Entrepreneurship
Option 2 : Create a 5-7 min video on any aspect of Entrepreneurship
(See online details before applying)

Step 1: Write your essay, proofread it and save the final copy in .doc format. If creating the video ensure that it’s sound quality is optimum, save it in any format compatible with YouTube
Step 2: In case of video, upload the video onto YouTube, using the title—Cogniizant Young Entrepreneur Scholarship. Include the home page link in the description of the video ( ) in case of essay, move on to Step 3
Step 3: Send us an email at
(Review online details and instructions before submitting)

One $1000 scholarship for the winner. Scholarship winners will be notified on May 31, 2017 to receive award.

Scholarship Payment

The recipient will receive the award in the form of a check made co-payable to the winner and the university.


Must apply via email and provide a written essay by April 15, 2017.

For additional information, contact the Financial Aid Department

Elsa Pina Headshot
Manager of Financial Aid | South Campus
Elsa Pina | 713.358.5052 |