Alumni Spotlight: Eric Tezino


It’s all about passion! Meet Alumnus, Eric Tezino, owner and chef at One Bite at a Thyme in Baytown, TX.

Who are you? 

First Name/Last   Eric Tezino
Hometown   Baytown, Texas
Current City   Baytown, Texas
Course of Study   AAS Culinary Arts
Graduation   May 19, 2017
Personal Motivational Motto

“Do It With Passion or Don’t Do It At All”

What is your story?

 My passion for cooking Began in the kitchen with my Granny at the age of seven. It was a true blessing from God and that’s what motivated me to be where I’m at today.

When I became a teenager, we moved, and I made new friends to hang out with. Their parents would always allow me to stay over to eat. At that time, I started cooking and learning with my friends’ parents that were from places like JapanGermany, and the Caribbean Islands. Most of my family was scared to try eating international foods: Cajun food, soul food, barbecue and fast food were the only things everybody around me was eating.  I slowly lost my way of cooking the plates I had learned and I tried to bring something new to the table. I created my own style of food like the shrimp lasagna, one of my signature dishes, but I only cooked for a few people. In 2013, I started an in-home personal chef service and a cooking show on YouTube called We Can Change the World One Bite At A Time. In 2014, I was ready to start school for a degree in culinary arts. So, I look around for the best school with the best teachers in Houston, and that’s why I decided to join CIL in 2015.

What inspired you to become a chef?

Just the passion I have for cooking and learning the art of the culinary world.

How would you describe the impact of your courses at CIL on your life?

At CIL, it was not only about learning high-level skills and techniques, it was also about cooking and sharing this experience with other students who became good friends.

What is the best memory you keep from the school?

I have very good memories with a lot of people at CIL! For example, I’ll always be thankful to the teachers, taking the time to come in a little early or to stay later to help me when I needed it. They truly take the time out of their busy lives being committed to making sure you get the proper education that you need.
The office staffs always gave me great advice during school and even after graduating. Especially Rodney. He always keeps you smiling and laughing.
The cleaning crew, they are so nice ladies! They helped me a lot when I was struggling in Spanish class.
I remember having a great conversation with the security officer when I needed someone to talk to. He kept me motivated and focused on my work.
And of course, the Chefs – some are still there and some move on but I’ll be always thankful for what I’ve learned from all of you! For the good, the bad and the ugly in learning from the best, and yes Chef I’m still working on my Tourne. 

What are your next projects?

Just went full time in my In-Home Professional Chef and Carting Service Business (One Bite At A Thyme).

In the summer of 2018, I will be having a cooking class at the Baytown, Texas Community Center. Finishing up my cookbooks by this winter also making a Market store online where I’ll be selling my homemade seasonings and other merchandise.

Any words of wisdom for our current and future students?

Never be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Practice everything you learn from the Chefs. Keep all your work, notes, tests and books they’re good to have for the future. Build you a kitchen library and start reading books like the Flavor Bible, Food Lover’s Companion… You are a young upcoming chef in the making so remember, do it with passion or don’t do it at all.




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