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Alyssa Leblanc, Pastry Chef at The Westin Hotel at the Woodlands


Alyssa Leblanc headshotName: Alyssa Leblanc

Hometown: Houston

Current city: Houston

Course of study: AAS in Baking and Pastry Arts

Graduation: October 2015

Personal motivational motto: “No dream is too big; chase anything you have the passion to do” Opportunity Cost, G-Eazy

  • Alyssa, tell us about your story!

Alyssa throwing her chef hat at graduation“The Cupcakes Lady” was my name at school when I started selling cupcakes there! I have always been interested in cooking. I used to watch a lot Food Network with my mom and I eventually started baking at home. I spent hours online to research some recipes! I also loved changing recipes, watching peoples reaction and getting peoples feedback. After high school, I decided to enroll for Culinary Institute LeNôtre because I really appreciated how friendly the staff was when I visited CIL for the first time. Now I am a Pastry Chef at the Westin Hotel at The Woodlands.

  • What inspired you to become a chef?

Both of my grandmothers used to cook a lot. I remember also the quality time I spent with my family around goods meals.

  • How would you describe the impact of your courses at CIL on your daily life?

I didn’t enjoy the classes as much as I did the teachers. They have so much experience behind them! I really had a good time there and made many good friends.

  • Any memorable moments as a student?

I have very fond memories of  my internship in France, especially the days in Paris! We visited everything we could! We were so tired and had jet lag but it was great being with students you work with!

  • Do you have any projects in mind or in action?

Alyssa standing in the Westin hotel where she worksFor the moment I plan to stay at The Westin Hotel for a while. It’s a good job to start my career with and maybe later I will open my own business… My goal is to do something I will never be tired of. If you put passion in what you do, it will show up in your work and you will be able to inspire others.

  • Outside of CIL, what do you like to do on your personal time?

I do yoga, I like my two dogs, being outside, spending time with my family, gardening with my mom and eating!

  • Any words of wisdom to students?

Everything you learn and you cross in your life, you will eventually use it. As a result, pay attention to what you are taught.

Dessert created by Alyssa       Plated desserts made by Alyssa

Alyssa with her family at graduation       Alyssa with her French internship classmates