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April 23, 2018   This month at CIL, we observed two sweet and delicious contests! The first one was the Chocolate Showpiece Competition that happened from April 9 to 15. Made by our students enrolled in Level 5 Baking & Pastry, the art pieces required 55 to 60 hours of work each! After a week…(Read More)

    First Name/Last   Troy Joseph Hometown   Houston, Texas Current City   Houston, Texas Course of Study   A.A.S Culinary Arts Graduation   October 2016 Personal Motivational Motto “Do as much as you can to learn what you need to learn, but build relationships even more”   Tell us about your business I have a food…(Read More)

It’s all about passion! Meet Alumnus, Eric Tezino, owner and chef at One Bite at a Thyme in Baytown, TX. Who are you?  First Name/Last   Eric Tezino Hometown   Baytown, Texas Current City   Baytown, Texas Course of Study   AAS Culinary Arts Graduation   May 19, 2017 Personal Motivational Motto “Do It With Passion or Don…(Read More)

Do you know someone interested in Culinary School? Refer them to CIL and get 500$ towards Scholarship Tuition EACH!* CONDITIONS Applicants must have been referred to CIL by an alumnus and/or active student. All applicants must provide a completed application which includes the following: General Scholarship Application Letter of referral from a CIL Alumni…(Read More)

It’s a common myth that having a thriving career requires a college education. Though a quality education is one component of success, that doesn’t always mean earning a four-year degree. In fact, some of the most fulfilling careers are ones that involve alternative instruction–technical and vocational schools or on-the-job…(Read More)

Anyone considering culinary school may have a vivid picture of crisp, white coats, a high-energy pace and bustling atmosphere, but what is life really like for a student chef? You may be surprised to learn how much variety is involved in earning a culinary degree—or the different careers paths it can open. Here…(Read More)

1. A LEGENDARY NAME FOR YOUR CULINARY ARTS COLLEGE  For three generations, the Lenôtre™ name has been internationally recognized for stellar cuisine and pastry. At our culinary institute, Lenôtre is not just the founder and the president’s name – it is your passport to success. To honor that tradition, we provide you…(Read More)

An aspiring restaurateur needs to be smart when it comes to running a successful restaurant because with more than a million dining establishments open in the United States, the competition is sharp and the margins are thin. While the oft-cited statistic that 90 percent of new restaurants close within the first year of business…(Read More)

Spring dessert trends are blooming along with the flowers this year and delivering a bouquet of taste delights. You can liven up your Easter celebrations or Sunday brunches with a finale that will leave your friends buzzing. According to a study by food industry research firm Technomics, 48 percent of diners say they are willing…(Read More)