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Bryan Petitt, Owner of a Bed & Breakfast in Costa Rica


Brian Petitt headshotName: Bryan Petitt

Hometown: Houston

Current city: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Course of study: Baking and Pastry Associate Degree

Graduation: October 2013

Personal motivational motto: If no one comes from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision could it be?

  • Bryan, tell us about your story!

Before Culinary school i worked as an analyst in the IT industry. I chose CIL because of the LeNôtre name and reputation in the pastry field. Currently I own and operate a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica.

  • What inspired you to become a chef?

I was tired of sitting in a dark little cubicle, my career in IT was slipping because I really just didn’t care anymore. I sat down and thought about the things I liked to do in my spare time that I could make a career out of and enjoy and cooking and food were at the top of that list.

  • How would you describe the impact of your courses at CIL on your daily life?

I learned many specific recipes in class but I think the techniques I learned and the application of the techniques opened my imagination to what was possible with food. If I look at a dish now, rather than try to figure out what ingredients went into the dish I see more of how the dish was made

  • Do you have any projects in mind or in action?

I am considering expanding the restaurant in the Bed & Breakfast to include a lunch and dinner menu as well as breakfast.

  • Outside of CIL, what do you like to do on your personal time?

If I don’t have customers at the hotel then I’m probably on the beach or reading a book near the waterfall by my house.

  • Any words of wisdom to students?

This industry is what you make of it and when school is over- then the learning really begins. Learn something from everyone you work with, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good cooks and good chefs are happy to teach you what they know.

Outdoor patio at the bed and breakfast

Take a video tour at Viña Romántica, Bryan Bed & Breakfast.
Visit Bryan website!