Congratulations to the 100th Graduating Class!


Friday, March 10th. What an exciting day at CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE®! Celebrating the 100th graduation marks a milestone for us, we are very proud of our students, our graduates but also of the road travelled since the opening of the school in 1998, almost 20 years ago.

This graduation means a lot for us at CIL, it means that 20 years after its creation, the school made great progress with the help of every chef, every staff member, every student, every alumni and of course with the faith and love brought everyday by Mr. Lenôtre, our very involved and beloved President.

This graduation week has been very busy, indeed we wanted to mark this very special and unique occasion by holding our first ever Lenôtre National Symposium on Pastry Arts on Monday, March 6th, it gathered over 150 people from the Pastry Industry: pastry chefs, bakery and pastry shops owners, chefs, professional of the industry, famous authors, pastry artists… who were there to celebrate, exchange, network and to pay tribute to Chef Gaston Lenôtre’s all time love, pastry.

The symposium was a real success thanks to the intervention of famous pastry chefs such as Chef Roland Mesnier, Chef Charles Carroll, Chef Paul Edward… and many others, but also thanks to all the hard work all our team put into organizing it.

Congratulations to all our graduates, either they were graduated with Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry or Hotel & Restaurant Management Degree or Diploma. We are very proud of having you as a CIL Alumni! After a beautiful ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel, new graduates and their families went back to the CIL to enjoy a delicious buffet and celebrate with staff and Chefs.

Congratulations everyone and thank you for making that day even more special!


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