David Moore, Student of the Month


David Moore
from Marshall, Texas
A.A.S Culinary Arts
Date: May 2017
Motto: “People may not always remember what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”


David Moore’s story writes itself. He is selfless and hard working, driven and kind, with his motto being easily applicable to his personality.

He says, “if you want someone to do well, make them feel good about their accomplishments, even if those should fall below your aspirations…”.  David doesn’t fall far from what we see a Student of the Month standing for but he deserves recognition and we hope to see more of his accomplishments and contribute to his goals.

David tells us he has always dreamed of becoming a better cook, mainly in making sauces and in broadening his range of dishes.

“I want to cook more of what I love to eat, from haute cuisine French dishes, to authentic Mexican, Thai and Chinese foods…Wine is also one of my passions, especially those wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux.  I am fascinated about learning new things, everything from history to politics, to new gadgets for the kitchen, or the nuances of vegetables, herbs and spices.”

There is no question as why he chose to attend Culinary Institute LeNôtre. We asked him, what would you say to students interested in studying at CIL? His response was,

“CIL is an excellent place to study.  You’ll get tremendous hand’s on experience in the kitchen, sometimes at a pace that’s hard to keep up with.  But, like most things in life, you’ll come to adapt to it, to settle right into it.  In the end, you will discover that you’ve learned far more than might have been apparent at the time you first learned it.  You’ll gain more confidence in your own ability not only to execute the creation of dishes, but also to tailor them to your own preference.  If you’re really good at tasting, and seriously motivated to learn and continue to learn for a lifetime, the culinary experience that begins here, or which is formalized here, can become a rewarding and satisfying pursuit…I’m no star when it comes to knowhow or execution.  Many are better than me.  What I’ve enjoyed most is making new things, and discovering so many new ingredients.  I had no idea how many techniques there are, and I’ve loved learning to apply some of them.  In class, I’ve journeyed almost a year with several students in the same classes, across 4 cuisine classes and now 1 baking & pastry class.  It’s given us a chance to come to know one another, and to trust each other, knowing what we all can do well, and sometimes what our limitations are.  Since life is about relationships, even more than simply knowledge, the people I have come to know are as valuable as what I’ve learned. You know who you are, but Cici, Michael, Luis and, more recently, Yolanda, Catherine, Cullen and Luke, and very recently, Suzanne, Daisy, and Mariel.

The Chef instructors (Francis, 3 classes, Cody, Sebastian and Philippe) have been a joy to work with, a great majority of the time.  They seem to be genuinely interested in helping me (us) learn, and have taken care to teach us not only what is in the books and binders, but what they’ve learned in scores of kitchens over a great many years.  There is tremendous talent and experience in this group of instructors, and I’m delighted they’ve shared so much with me.”

David has founded a charity called C.Y.C.L.E, which rewards underprivileged children who improve the Reading/Literacy, has a family and manages a small family business. This however, is unknown information to some. Why? Because he listens to others and says he’s been heartened at the many personal experiences of the students at the school.  Empathy is a characteristics to add in many of the admirable qualities he displays.

“There are former soldiers, some with the residual effects of injuries in combat.  There are people struggling with disabilities.  There are many whose lives have been difficult on several levels.  There are many students with full time jobs in addition to their schooling.  These are all obstacles to success, but somehow the students are here, doing the work, making better of their lives.  And, despite the claims on their time, there are people, here, helping the homeless, people, here, helping prevent modern slavery, and people, here, helping people of all stripes in all types of circumstances.  It’s been wonderful to meet so many people doing so much for so many…Every day when I arrive, and throughout the day when I visit around the school,  I find those who are always ready with a warm smile and a kind word, among them the receptionist, Veronica, the school shop manager, Samantha, and the supervisors such as Melinda, Elhem and Rodney.  I cannot say enough about the cleaning staff, the wonderful women who wash all of our dishes and tools and make them available to us to do our work.  I love these women, they’re the BEST!  They’re always cheery in a welcome and in well wishes for the evening or the weekend!And then there is Marie Lenotre… If you haven’t met her, you should.  She’s a delight to talk with, a gracious and elegant woman, full of life experience and a great deal of earned wisdom…”

It is with great pleasure to say congratulations to our Student of the Month, David Moore. Continue to brighten everyone’s life with your kindness and we are very proud to have you be part of the LeNôtre Legacy here at CIL.

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