Happy 20th Anniversary


Yesterday, on March 21st, Le Bistro commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Culinary Institute Lenotre during a night in celebration of French Gastronomy. This same night, on the initiative of theFrench Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 3,000 restaurants across five continents celebrated French Cuisine by inviting the public to share a wonderful French dinner in an event called “Good France”. A committee of International Chefs led by Alain Ducasse chose Le Bistro at Culinary Institute Lenôtre to participate among those representing the best of French Gastronomy, a UNESCO World Heritage.

The elegant and festive evening started at 6:30 pm with a cocktail reception followed by an “a la carte” dinner featuring 6 unique gourmet dishes to choose from and a celebratory birthday cake. A portion of all proceeds will go to the non-profit Icing Smiles which provides custom celebration cakes made by volunteer bakers to kids in hospital.

The menu, crafted by Chef Olivier Burgos and his team of chefs-in-training was a real tribute to today’s French Gastronomy: vibrant, open and innovative while remaining true to its values of sharing, pleasure, and respect for good food and for the planet.

The menu unveiled a variety of options such as a Mousse aux Deux Saumons, a light and subtle salmon terrine served with salmon roe, an homemade Foie Gras Terrine served with kumquat marmalade, as well as a delicate Sea Bass served with homemade Ratatouille, pesto, and herbs crust and a Tournedos au Poivre Vert, a prime beef filet with creamy green peppercorn sauce. The selection of desserts featured the Lenotre Plaisir, a delicious almond & pistachio joconde with vanilla and chocolate mousse served with homemade chocolate ice-cream as well as the traditional Nougat Glacé, a French nougat served frozen, with red fruit coulis and vanilla Chantilly cream and the legendary Autumn Leave, a Lenotre’s classic dark chocolate mousse and meringue cake, topped with an outstanding sparkling Eiffel Tower entirely made from chocolate, created by Chef Dominique Bocquier.

As part of their meal, guests could enjoy a selection of four wines among which included a Bordeaux 2016 Château Bonnet Entre Deux Mers, a Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois 2012 Château Greysac, a Sauvion 2016 Vouvray Loire and a Chandon Dream Rosé Méthode Traditionelle for the reception.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Chefs, Students, Partners, Friends who made our Institute stronger and better over the years! 



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