How to throw a memorable graduation party


April 24, 2018


After what may be years of hard work and studying, it’s time to celebrate. Throwing a graduation party that guests and the graduate will enjoy is fun and easy when you plan ahead.

“Of life’s celebrations, a graduation party is a truly momentous occasion,” says Chef Alain Lenôtre from the Culinary Institute Lenôtre. “Choosing an eye-catching theme, enticing foods, delicious beverages and fun activities will help make the party a memorable one.”


When choosing a theme for the graduation party, it often helps to start with the school colors. For instance, green and yellow school colors could lend themselves to a graduation luau theme. White and red could be used to create a picnic theme event. Or use your graduate’s interests as a jumping-off point. For instance, if he or she is into sports, highlight the sport as a theme. Once you choose the theme, planning appropriate decorations is easy.


Tasty food is one of the highlights of a graduation party. Let your imagination soar when choosing what to serve. For instance, you could use the school colors to create eye-catching, delicious food items with these chef tips. Make a vegetable and fruit platter that features produce in the school colors. For instance, green and yellow peppers or white jicama and bright-red strawberries. Another clever option is serving taquito “diplomas” that you tie with ribbons in the school colors.


Sweets give you plenty of options for being creative when including the graduation theme. In addition to a cake decorated with the school colors and featuring the graduate’s name, consider making edible graduation caps. Put a chocolate candy bar square on top of a mini cupcake and top it with a tassel made out of thin red licorice. Or try making graduation s’mores by topping marshmallows with graham cracker squares, and making tassels out of chocolate candy.


Quench thirst and highlight your color palate by serving drinks that feature the school colors. For instance, serve punch, or if this is a college graduation party, mixed drinks that combine eye-catching colors. There are mixers in various colors, including red, yellow, orange and even green. Everyone likes water, so another fun idea is to pre-orderlabels with the graduate’s name and graduation year and apply them to the bottles. Make the labels even more engaging by including a photo of the graduate as a child.


Keeping guests engaged in activities helps to ensure that everyone has fun. Plan a slideshow of the graduate on a big screen for everyone to enjoy. Another idea that honors your graduate’s memories is to set up a photo booth. This gives the graduate and his or her friends the opportunity to pose for crazy photos that will become keepsakes. Provide notecards for guests to pen post-graduation advice to the graduate.

“Celebrating a graduate’s success with good food and toasting to his or her future is a truly memorable event,” says Chef Alain Lenôtre. “These inspired chef tips are sure to get you started planning your special graduate’s important party.”

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