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Isabel Hernandez, Student of the Month


Isabel Hernandez
from Houston, Texas
 A.A.S Culinary Arts
Date: March 2018
Motto: “Practice makes perfect”


This month, talent is a family affair! We would like to present a family duo, Isabel Hernandez, mother to Trina Rangel, another of our Student of the Month!

Her words of wisdom to any student interested in pursuing this path into the culinary arts are, “It’s very challenging but fun. Don’t let the challenges intimidate you, they’re just a stepping stone for your future.”.

Besides learning and trying new recipes, which is her most fulfilling hobby with spending time with her family, Isabel loves to read and garden to relax. Her kids gave her the necessary inspiration to follow this path in the Culinary Arts.

While being at Culinary Institute Lenôtre, Isabel tells us some of the most important things she has learned have been the new techniques which vary one term to another. “Team work is awesome…the chefs are patient and very understanding which I believe is key to helping us succeed.”.

Her main reason and motivation to begin culinary school is her dream and her son’s ,Christopher who is no longer with us due to his passing in 2009, dream to become a chef.

“Trina is my motivation and my strength. She helps me see what lies ahead in the future when classes are getting tough. She’s one of the main reasons why I’m here now.”

Before to become a student within the Institute, Isabel was a kitchen manager for an intermediate school for 7 years serving over 1,500 students per school year.Her favorite recipe is one that her grandmother use to make: the bread pudding (Capirotada)!

We are proud to introduce you Isabel Hernandez as our Student of the Month.  We hope to continue seeing her progress and the great things she accomplishes!