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Jonathan Penright, Executive Chef at Davis Street


Jonathan Penright headshotName: Jonathan Penright

Hometown: Houston

Current city: Houston

Course of study: AAS Degree in Culinary Arts

Graduation: 2014

Personal motivational motto: Food is Love

  • Jonathan, tell us about your story!

I was in Logistical Management and Inventory Management. I chose CIL because it felt right in my heart to do so and I wanted to go to France to learn culinary from its foundation. I’m currently the Executive Chef at Davis St at Hermann Park (Houston).

  • What inspired you to become a chef?

It’s one of my primary purposes for being here on the planet.

  • How would you describe the impact of your courses at CIL on your daily life?

It provided me with the tools to elevate my culinary career.

  • Any memorable moments as a student?

My trip to France really changed the way I view life.

  • Do you have any projects in mind or in action?

To show the black community, particularly the black males, that there are multiple paths out of oppression.

  • Would you like to share an anecdote or a recipe with us?

A good recipe for me: cook with your heart and know the basics.

  • Outside of CIL, what do you like to do on your personal time?

I enjoy learning about world history and nature.

  • Any words of wisdom to students?

Know why you decided to spend thousands of dollars and know how you plan on making it back!

Plated crab cake dish      Closeup of culinary dish created by Jonathan

Culinary dishes created by Jonathan      Plated salmon dish