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In Louisiana, eating is a way of life, and our students Jasmine Eggestein, Rebecca Heslep and Siva Dorairajan were able to taste the food from some of the state’s premier kitchens during our annual trip to New Orleans. From June 4 to 9, along with our Academic Affairs Coordinator, Roberto Hernandez, our students were able to wander in the heart of the Crescent City while visiting and touring some of the most respected restaurants and hotels in the nation.

New Orleans is a city full of history, amazing food and proud citizens of their city and culture; it’s hard not to marvel at the architectural beauty of the city, which must be experienced both during day and night time, while listening to street performers put on shows and performances all around town.

The trip was composed of various museum visits and guided tours which helped establish a picture of how this marvelous city came to be. From visiting the Edgar Degas historic home & museum, to the Historic Jackson Square, home to the St. Louis Cathedral and neighboring stores and attractions such as the Louisiana State Museum – The Presbytère and the 1850 House, you are always surrounded by history. The New Orleans Food and History tour introduced us to different restaurants within walking distance of each other; some of them predating the Civil War, but all infused with history of both the city and the culture that helped birth the food that is native to NOLA, not to mention samples of delectable Creole cuisine. The Southern Food and Beverage Museum gives you a glimpse into what every southern state is known for, and because looking at a museum about food can make you hungry, the delicious Southern restaurant Toups South, is just a curtain away.


The Old New Orleans Louisiana Rum Distillery, where a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide not only introduced us to the rum making process but also regaled us with a brief history of alcohol during the times of the prohibition, also added to the history of cuisine in a setting reminiscent to friends just hanging out having drinks and sharing stories. Maurice French Pastries, owned by Jean-Luc Albin, native to France, gave us a private tour of his bakery while also sharing his personal history of both the city and his business. Located on Avery Island, The Tabasco Factory tour not only offers a detailed view of their business’s history but also their process, products, and surrounding facilities. And adjacent to the factory is the jungle gardens, a magnificent tour of the island’s beautiful flora and fauna.

And what is a trip to New Orleans without a visit to the swamps where a two-hour boat ride takes you on a scenic view of the swamps and an appreciation air conditioner and city life.

A wonderful trip full of history, culture, and local treats such as Café Du Monde’s famous coffee and beignets, Compère Lapin (French for “brother rabbit”), Mulate’s: the original Cajun restaurant, and other little hidden gems, make you appreciate food and culture and how they combine to create new flavors and experiences. Truly an experience that helps culminate two arduous years of studying at Culinary Institute LeNôtre.”



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