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Michael Jones, Executive Chef and Owner of Ganache Dessert Bar


Michael Jones headshotYear of Graduation: 2010

Program: A.A.S. Baking and Pastry Arts

Current Occupation: Executive Chef and Owner of Ganache Dessert Bar

My name is Michael Jones, and I am the owner of Ganache Dessert Bar. When I was preparing and looking for a culinary school, I wanted to find something that kind of did the French method because they are the founders of pastry, and what really interested me in Culinary Institute LeNôtre was all the different experience from both academic teachers as well as the chef teachers.  The LeNôtre name is legendary within France and the Pastry world, and that really stroked me as a reason to come here. It’s a very comprehensive program. You learn a little bit of everything in a very accelerated manner so that you spend more time in the labs and actually get to practice what they’re teaching you. It was great for my career, I was able right after school, even before I graduated, to find a really good job where I got to practice my skills and prepare myself for opening my own business. And I don’t think I could have done that without having the LeNotre name on my resume.

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