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Monica Flores, Student of the Month


Monica Flores headshotMonica Flores
from Houston, Texas
A.A.S Baking and Pastry Arts
Date: October 2017
Motto: “Turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans.”

Monica Flores made her passion become reality thanks to her determination and passion. This art lover likes to express herself through original and creative productions in lab classes.

Labs are my favorite part of attending CIL. I mean, academics are important and teach you so much. And you get to discuss real life and the teachers do their best to motivate you and I notice that they enjoy hearing about your success. However, in labs, when you actually start your hands on experience, it’s completely different. The chefs are very friendly and caring, but they will push you. (…)

Every lab I’ve been in, I always enjoyed it, I look forward to it because no matter how serious you have to be or how serious I’ve been told to be. I always end up laughing and smiling. And I think that says a lot about the environment and atmosphere and how it’s comfortable and inviting.  It’s something that you look forward to, not something that you dread waking up in the morning to.”

Monica is always turning advices from chef into knowledge and gives her best during lab classes and academics.

“You have to have passion. No matter what you’re taking, it’s important to have that desire to learn and gain from those around you and in doing so, you discover what your strong and weak points are, while also growing in knowledge and experience.

Her best advice for future students would be “ to be ready to grow as a person and expand your perspective” and to “make the best of everything thrown at you.”

Apart from learning how to become a pastry chef, Monica is always looking for inspiration around her and likes to spend time with the ones she loves. The Culinary Institute Lenotre has an essential role in the  professional and personal fulfillment of the students  as they are given tools and opportunities to become chef around the world. Monica’s main goal is to work in France and the Institute will be working with her in that direction to make her dream come true.

Monica with her Day of the Dead cake

Second plate of chocolates

Chocolates plated

Bread and pastries


Fruit Cake with green top.