Culinary Arts Diploma Programs

Elite Diplôme in Culinary Arts

Length: 60 weeks (1100 clock hours) (58 credit hours)

The Elite Diplôme in Culinary Arts combines the Elite Diplôme de Cuisine (Fundamentals of Cuisine part I and II, Master Chefs and International Cuisine) with 10 weeks of Fundamentals in Baking and Pastry. The training also includes a 10 week Practicum period. This program is carefully designed either for students wanting to begin their culinary journey or for industry professionals who would like to retrain. In a little as 60 weeks, you will learn traditional cooking techniques and modern innovations in global cuisine. You will be introduced to the history and recipes of many notable chefs preparing full scope of menu items. With the diploma programs, you will spend the majority of your time cooking in a professional kitchen with guidance from caring, experienced chef educators.

Elite Diplôme de Cuisine

Length: 50 weeks (930 clock hours) (47 credit hours)

The Elite Diplôme de Cuisine program is carefully designed for beginners with little or no skills. In 50 weeks, you will be introduced to classic and innovative French, Italian, Regional American, Asian (including sushi), and spa cuisines. You will learn techniques of garde manger, rotisserie, sauces, stocks, charcuterie, plating, buffet, cooking in low and high temperatures, smoking and curing, and will also learn how to accomplish advanced techniques and skills in innovative ways of cooking such as “sous vide”. You will gain valuable experience through a 10 week Practicum at either Culinary Institute Lenôtre’s Restaurant (Le Bistro) or an external establishment. There are opportunities to do externships in France, if qualified.

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About this Program
  • Includes 10 weeks of Practicum period
  • Length of Time Necessary to Complete in Regular Schedule:
    • Elite Diplôme in Culinary Arts – 60 weeks
    • Elite Diplôme de Cuisine – 50 weeks
  • Our schedules are flexible to meet your lifestyle
  • We offer options to complete the program at your own pace. Full-time schedule are 4 hours a day, 4 days a week.
  • Three shifts to choose from to meet your lifestyle: Your Choice of Morning, Afternoon, or Evening shift (while in Kitchen Labs). Two shifts available while in Academic Classes.
Courses- Elite Diplôme in Culinary Arts
Fundamentals of Cuisine Level 1 -10 credit hours
Fundamentals of Cuisine Level 2 -10 credit hours
Master Chefs Level 3 -10 credit hours
International Cuisine Level 4 -10 credit hours
Fundamentals of Baking & Pastry Level 1 -10 credit hours
Practicum—Cuisine -7 credit hours

Courses- Elite Diplôme de Cuisine
Fundamentals of Cuisine Level 1 -10 credit hours
Fundamentals of Cuisine Level 2 -10 credit hours
Master Chefs Level 3 -10 credit hours
International Cuisine Level 4 -10 credit hours
Practicum—Cuisine -7 credit hours

In developing this curriculum The Culinary Institute Lenôtre has been guided by the standards articulated by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and the American Culinary Federation (ACF), two major professional accrediting agencies for culinary arts programs. This curriculum is in full compliance with both sets of standards.

Tuition & Costs
All of our programs are usually less expensive than in other private colleges, but most importantly, more than 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid. We also have plenty of helpful scholarships too. Until we know more about your career goals and the program that best fits your needs it could be misleading to give you a price at this point (with our specialty options you have 11 prices to choose from). However, you may also use our financial net price calculator to estimate the cost of attendance.

Please complete the contact form, or better yet, call us at 1-(888)LENOTRE (536-6873) to find out how you can get more educational value for your dollar.

If you qualify, Financial Aid, various grants and scholarships considerably reduce the tuition cost. Participate in our free scholarship workshops to learn about scholarships you may qualify for.

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Career Opportunities
CIL offers lifetime job assistance to its Students and Alumni.
CIL has one of the highest Job Placement rate among Culinary Schools in Texas according to the Texas Workshop Commission.*