Skills USA Competition !


On Friday, February 3rd, was held the Skills USA competition within the Culinary Institute !

We had the chance to see some of our future Chefs participate and demonstrate their skills

during 3 sessions : Culinary Arts, Restaurant Services and Commercial Baking !

We would like to congratulate all the participants and winners who received a medal and a scholarship. We hope you all continue in your culinary path and you keep doing your best to excel as a future chef.




Culinary Arts :

1st place – Corey Lewis – Livingston High School

2nd place – Hunter Bland – Livingston High School

3rd place – Laura Perez – Conroe High School


Commercial Baking :

1st place – Breanna Keyna – Conroe High School

2nd place – Naomi Firoes – Taylor Career

3rd place – Destiny Ford – Conroe High School


Restaurant services :

1st place – Anjali Dalwadi – Cleveland High School

2nd place – Madisyn Meyer – Conroe High School

3rd place – Stephanie Rodriguez – Cleveland High School


Congratulations !