LENOTRE®  Sommelier Seminars
Classes for wine lovers of every level.

Are you a wine enthusiast looking for a new way to enhance your wine knowledge, an aspiring sommelier, or even veteran of the Industry in search of next-level training?

Take a single level of our LENOTRE® Sommelier certificates or all 3 seminars for a total of 30 weeks at your own pace. You will learn how to taste wines like a pro, practice the fundamentals of marrying wines with food and expand your knowledge of wines from any particular region.

Starts every 10 weeks
(5 times a year)
2021 Start Dates:
Jan. 4, Mar. 15, May 24, Aug. 2, Oct. 11
3 Seminars

Available combined or separately. Spaces are limited and fill quickly!

Wine Fundamentals
10 weeks
(2 classes per week; 2 1⁄2 hours per class)*

This course is for the wine novice to understand the genesis of wine from the vineyard, through the winery, to its consumption with an introduction to the professional themes as seen through the lens of the hospitality industry. The course charts the historical progression of vineyard development in Europe from its roots in Ancient Greece to the present, comparing the evolution of the resulting two major wine classification systems of Germany and France and leading to the creation of the wine industry in North America. Students will study tasting, service, cellar management, and food and wine pairing. Extensive tasting in most sessions.

LENOTRE® Sommelier I
10 weeks
(2 classes per week; 3 1⁄2 hours per class)*

The Sommelier I course combines a focus on the wines of Europe with a detailed study of the professional duties of the sommelier. Students in this course will have the opportunity to conduct extensive tastings of a wide range of European wines. Students will explore the wine regions of Europe, the growing of vines, making of wine, cellar management, proper storage and wine aging. Extensive tasting in most sessions.

Sommelier II
10 weeks
(2 classes per week; 2 1⁄2 hours per class)*

Sommelier II emphasizes on tasting, focusing on aromas and bouquet. The geography in this course revolves around the wine regions of Burgundy, the USA, Middle East, North Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Canada. Students will continue their understanding of the sommelier profession by building a professional menu and wine list. Wine and Food pairings in most sessions.

*Your choice of Day or Evening Shifts. Students must be 21 or older.

Who Can Benefit from LENOTRE®  Sommelier Classes?
-Wine enthusiasts and future wine collectors will enjoy bringing their wine, beer and spirit senses to new heights and build the foundation for a lifetime of wine appreciation.
-Aspiring Sommeliers will combine practical experience with a solid formal wine education.
-Restaurant managers, bartenders, wait-staff, will receive the background to confidently respond to inquiries, such as “What do you recommend?”.
-Retail managers, distributor managers and salesmen will acquire the knowledge needed to sharpen their communication in selling wine and spirits as well as enhancing their professional bio.
-Culinary students will explore wine in the broader cultural context of food and cuisine and be better armed to find their first internship or job.
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