Student Life

Students working in the computer lab.

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Student Life at Culinary Institute Lenôtre in Houston is filled with emotion and offers a wealth of learning opportunities.

Get involved, make new friends, enjoy your time as a student!

Competitions & Demos

There is always a reason for students and Chefs to showcase their many talents! Culinary Institute Lenôtre students and Chefs participate in many Professional Culinary Contests, such as the yearly Ben E. Keith competition (organized by the American Culinary Federation) and the Martin’s Food Show Contest. These times of the year are very special to students, offering them an opportunity to be part of the Lenôtre team. Individual and group prizes are awarded, creating a close-knit community!

The Student Life Department organizes a Student Celebration Day, formally known as Student Appreciation Day, every term. This is our opportunity to say “we love you” to our students. All day long students join the party and enjoy games, music, food and contests.

See the pictures of our previous Student Celebration Days here:

Students’ Daily Presentations

Every class day, students present their food to their classmates in the North Building Dinning Room. At 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm, dishes are tasted by all Chefs and students as they enjoy dinner in a family style setting. It’s the perfect opportunity to share experiences, techniques and expand your pallet.

Social Media Community

All students are encouraged to join the independent Facebook Group, Culinary Institute Lenôtre Students (click here to join the group). This is a group for Culinary Institute Lenôtre’s students to share stories and information about the school. Add your fellow classmates to the group. The group is student-managed and independent from the C.I.L. administration.

Student Life Events

We want to make the time students are in school meaningful and enjoyable. Whether it be educational or social, Student Life hosts events through out the year that are free and open to all students. Take a look at our pictures for a taste of the fun at CIL and follow us on social media for all event updates!