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Tiffani Janelle, Owner and Executive Chef Chef2Chef


“My word of wisdom is sacrifice”
– Tiffani Janelle, Interviewed by CIL on Monday, October 5th 2015.

Tiffani Janelle headshot

Houston, Texas native, Tiffani Janelle had a passion for food since the age of five. “Being the eldest of three girls, with a single mother, I was left to cook for my siblings.” She pursued a degree in Pastry Arts from the Culinary Institute LeNôtre. “Gaston LeNôtre was the grandfather of Pastry, so I was very proud to attend the school”.

Name: Tiffani Janelle
Age: 34
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current City: Houston, Texas
Course of study at CIL: Degree in Pastry Arts
Year of Graduation: 2005
Current Job / Position: Owner Executive Chef
Impact of her courses at CIL on her daily missions: Classes impacted Tiffani by discipline and consistency; Being a Chef is not easy and you have to follow these guidelines if you want to go through the day every single day.
A memorable moment as a student: A Pastry Competition that CIL hosted. Tiffani received 2nd or 3rd but she enjoyed coming to demonstrate her skills that she has gained along the way
Project in mind? Launch a line of Chef Coats fitted for women
Personal motivation motto: “Don’t Compete, Collaborate”

“It is our sole duty to seduce the senses and please the palate”

Chef Janelle, specializes in healthy and organic southern creole cuisine and her brands include: Cake Couture, Chef Tiffani Janelle Private Chef Concierge, ATHLEATS Meal Prep Program and The Couture Kitchen. Her clientele has made her the go to chef for A-listers to the likes of Will and Jada Smith, George Foreman and Beyoncé. She has also built a strong reputation as a custom menu designer for brands such as BMW, Conoco-Phillips, Direct Energy, and Aramark.

On Monday, October 5th, we met Chef Janelle. With her team from Chef2Chef ,Chef Eric B. Lewis, Le Neisha Young & Brian K. Walker, she toured the US by doing conferences in five different cities, ending in Houston. This Business Building Experience Tour aimed to learn people how to double their income and maximize their time from America’s Elite Culinary and Event Professionals. We attended the conference, interviewed Tiffani Janelle and we’re proud to see how successful our Alumni has become!

Tiffani Janelle is still the talented and successful private Chef we met two years ago. With a balance on her projects, she has now launched an online private class. These 4-weeks seminars will teach you about the Culinary Business & Marketing, how to launch your own company, and how to run it. We look forward to seeing her project of Chef Coats fitted for women kick off. “When you work in a kitchen, it’s very intense: the pace, the heat,… It’s almost athletic and you need clothes designed for that.” Many of our Chefs will be looking forward to support a fellow Alumna and we can’t wait to show you all her progress.

In the meantime, follow Chef Tiffani on social media as she is very active! Follow her culinary work on Instagram or Facebook.


– Watch the video below –
More pictures of our meeting from 2015 available here

Tiffani on the experts panel at culinary conference.   Culinary experts talking to inspiring chefs at conference

Tiffani seated by the pool   Tiffani with friends.