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Troy Joseph, Student of the Month / Alumni Spotlight


Troy Joseph headshotTroy Joseph from Houston,TX
A.A.S. Culinary Arts, Graduation Date: October 2016

“A little sleep, a little slumber; a little folding of the hands to rest, and  poverty will come upon you like an armed robber that wants it”

Troy’s story is a great example of what setting goals does to achieving your vision. Whether it’s a dream board or a piece of paper, knowing exactly what you want, working at it, you will accomplish it. We’ve seen Troy working hard in the garden early mornings. The produce from it is used by Le Bistro as well as the instructors and chef-students. Here, we would notice how dedicated he was in the participation of its cultivation. We dug a little deeper and we saw his growth as a student-chef.

Why follow this path? “I was a student at Houston Community College working on a degree in Machine Technology. I got down to my last semester and realized I wanted to be a chef. I had previously started a BBQ business working at nightclubs and then after I started a nacho business delivering to a few call centers and some professors at Texas Southern University during the week and catering them at a couple clubs on Friday and Saturday, but I wasn’t happy not having professional training in what I knew was my gift and passion. I went to the Art Institute and wasn’t pleased at all but a few minutes into my tour at C.I.L. I was definitely sold. The staff was friendly, the classes were very clean, and the kitchen tools and appliances were up to date; oh and the mentioning of an internship in France that I worked hard to accomplish and enjoyed so much didn’t hurt either.”

Strawberry dessert Troy plating food.

Troy at the Eiffel Tower   Troy with classmates during Paris externship.

The goal, the vision, the accomplishment
“I wrote the vision of things I wanted to learn on a sheet of paper post C.I.L. start date. I wrote learn more recipes, healthy networking with like minded individuals, more ingredients, and get a passing grade but the experience is what counts. I had Chef Jean who taught me to be mindful of what you are doing and take your time but hurry up and get it done, lol. This might sound strange to a person who never touched basis with Chef Jean but to C.I.L. students I know y’all see where I’m going with this. I then had the pleasure of studying under Chef Cody. Chef Cody is so wonderful with flavors ingredients and recipes. He gave me the courage I needed to find the side of me that was great with flavors and I’m very thankful for that. Next, I had Chef Cedric, I honestly didn’t feel good about taking his class, but he is a wonderful chef and person. Chef Cedric’s first lesson to me was posture. He told me I wouldn’t make it 5 years the way I was standing and now my back never hurts in the kitchen. Chef Cedric also, taught me how to maneuver in everything I saw tedious in the kitchen and made me an artist as well as a great cook. Last, but not least I had Chef Kris. Chef Kris taught me how to cook Jamaican, various Asian, Mediterranean, African, Indian, and so many more genres of food. I have classmates numbers we do things outside of school, we communicate on social media, we give each other ideas on food and business and plenty other things. Some of the students I took class with are now family.”

To this date his many accomplishments have left us proud and as the term ends it leaves us excited to announce our Student of the Month will now be graduating!