Double Degree for Alumni

Start your business with a Double Degree in Hospitality & Restaurant Management

If you've already graduated from the CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® college with an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts or in Baking & Pastry Arts, consider the opportunity to earn a double degree at the Culinary Institute College with the legendary Lenotre name.

The Lenotre School Hospitality & Restaurant Management Degree will provide you with the knowledge you need to run your business successfully or will open your career to the possibility of higher salaried management positions in the hospitality industry.

You will learn, Hospitality Facilities Management, Hospitality Information Technology, Beverage Management, Hospitality Financial Management, and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry, and more.

Benefits of a Double Degree

  1. Gain more qualifications
    Having two distinct degrees in different subjects can allow employers to perceive you as more qualified for positions that relate to those degrees.
  2. Enjoy fewer course requirements for a double degree
    Receive transfer credits for General Education courses.
  3. Complete your program faster
  4. Online options
    Most of the classes are offered with an online option.
  5. Reduced cost
    The cost for the double degree will be reduced to almost half of its regular cost.
  6. Scholarships and Financial Aid Available
    Scholarships and Financial Aid apply towards your double degree.
  7. Special Price for our Alumni
    As an Alumni, you will be entitled to the Returning College Student Scholarship and Mercer Scholarship for Returning Students.

Contact Teresa Zabala, [email protected], International Alliance Manager and HRM Lead.

Alumni Success Stories

The CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® focus is to train the future chefs of the world. There can be no second best with a name like Lenotre. That is why so many talented, hard-working individuals join this training program for student chefs and make us proud. Check out some of our alumni success stories.

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Meet Sandia Horng

Executive Pastry Chef & Owner

Bite Macarons

Meet Sandia Horng, alum, now executive chef and owner of Bite Macarons in Houston, Texas.

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