Alumni Spotlight: Jesus Rosas

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Meet Jesus Rosas

My passion for pastry arts led me to make the decision to leave my country and study abroad at, what I believe to be, the best pastry college in the United States…Culinary Institute Lenotre. The experience of having received my training at this great college has been very valuable academically alongside learning from great chef instructors who helped me achieve my dreams and be competitive.

During my academic journey, I knew that being a graduate with an associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts was the avenue to reaching my greatest dreams, which was to have my own pastry shop. Today, I am proud to say that I achieved it when I opened my own shop that I named Chef Jesus Rosas’ Pastry. The shop provides customers with a unique experience in sensory emotions to those who taste my desserts.

Another dream and initiative was to build my own hotel which I am happy to announce that it will open its doors the second week of November 2022. The hotel will be called Casa Loreto, being an 8-room boutique hotel with a traditional Mexican theme, offering an exchange of culture for our guests.

In the same way, Casa Loreto will have its own Coffee Shop, which will have traditional French pastries on the menu combined with Mexican products and sweets, as a delight to the palate.

The gastronomic arena is very noble one and allows one to experiment and innovate, such as in textiles, which I will be releasing the first week of January. My collection of chef jackets with embroidery and designs are unique and reflect the artisans from the state of Puebla.

Without a doubt, good training is important as well as believing in your dreams and persevering them is the key to materialize your goals.

I hope my path will help you achieve your goals and fulfilled them…never doubt.

Thank You! – Chef Jesus Rosas



Admissions advisor