Congratulations to our 106th Graduating Class!

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All good things come to an end!

Friday, May 25th marked a milestone for our students! After months of hard-work, it was finally time for our 106th Class to graduate.

The beautiful ceremony took place at the Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel and was filled with inspiring speeches from Pablo Fuentes, our Academic Provost and our Honor Students: Arnaud Acaries & Susana Barrera, both graduating from our Baking & Pastry Program!

The new chefs and their families came back to school after their graduation to enjoy a delicious buffet and celebrate this day with staff and Chefs.

Congratulations to all our graduates, either they were graduated with Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry or Hotel & Restaurant Management Degree or Diploma. We are very proud of having you as a CIL Alumni!

Congratulations everyone and thank you for making that day even more special!!




Admissions advisor