High School Chopped Competition – Feb 2023

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On February 17th, 2023, Culinary Institute Lenotre (CIL) hosted a high school chopped competition that brought together local schools from the Houston area. The competition saw teams of four from various high schools battle it out for the ultimate prize of being crowned the champions of the competition.

The competition was fierce, and the competitors had to work under intense pressure to come up with a winning dish. The teams had 60 minutes to prepare their dishes, and they were judged based on taste, presentation, and sanitary conditions.

The judges were made up of CILs very own chef instructors and Alumni, who were tasked with the challenging job of tasting and evaluating each dish. The judges paid close attention to the flavors, textures, and presentation of each dish. They also scrutinized the sanitary conditions in which the dishes were prepared and served.

After an intense and closely contested competition, Willis High School – Team One emerged as the winners of the competition.

The judges commended all the teams for their efforts and praised their culinary skills. They were particularly impressed by the level of creativity and innovation that the students displayed. The judges also noted the exceptional sanitary conditions that the students maintained throughout the competition.

The Culinary Institute Lenotre is committed to supporting culinary education in the community, and the high school chopped competition was a testament to this commitment. The competition provided a platform for young culinary enthusiasts to showcase their skills and passion for cooking.



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