Le Bistro interviewed on Fox 26 morning news about Houston Restaurant Weeks menu!

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Early on the morning of August 2nd, Chef Jimmy Bedard and Cuisine student (and Army Veteran) Armando Llanes showed up to the Fox 26 Newsroom for an interview about their inventive and delicious menu for Houston Restaurant Weeks 2019. Chef Bedard was contacted Thursday night for the segment and jumped on it, knowing what an amazing opportunity being LIVE on Houston local news talking about Le Bistro and Culinary Institute LENOTRE would be!

Chef and Sous Chef started prepping for the segment the night before and brought all ingredients to the station that morning for the final plating: three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts. During the live interview, Chef Bedard talked about the menus being served during Houston Restaurant Weeks 2019 and how a percentage of the proceeds from those meals will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.

Bedard discussed the Culinary Institute and introduced his Sous Chef for the day Armando Llanes – a current student in the Cuisine department and Army Veteran who works in Le Bistro.

It was my wife who told me about CIL and encouraged me to attend after my tours with the Army. It was hard to assimilate back to civilian life but the school has given me a feeling of purpose again. I love the team environment, the rush of working on the line, and making people feel good about what they’re eating.

Armando Llanes

These words from Llanes hit an emotional chord with the staff at Fox 26 and with Chef Bedard – it is this “feeling of purpose” that CIL sees in all of its students. The #LenotreLegacy of tradition, quality and respect encourages a lifetime of leaning into your purpose. For the team in Le Bistro, this means teaching future chefs how to nurture their creativity and put their best selves forward on the plate.

What is so special about Le Bistro (at Culinary School LENOTRE) is that the students are in the kitchen and they are proud of what they are doing and learning.

Chef Jimmy Bedard

For more information about Le Bistro and to see the Houston Restaurant Weeks 2019 menu – visit the webpage here or the Facebook event here.



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