Students celebrating at graduation.
At the end of each term, Student Graduation takes place in the Crump Amphitheater. Students prepare and showcase dishes for a prestigious jury. The Graduation Ceremony includes speeches from Alain Lenôtre, founder of the school, the Director of Academics and from a couple graduating students. Graduates receive their Diploma, a Toque de Chef, and take pictures with their family. Graduation Ceremony is followed by a buffet reception in the school for family and friends.

Diplomas and AAS can be awarded with honors: Gold (GPA: 3.6 to 4.0), Silver (GPA: 3.2 to 3.59), Bronze (GPA: 2.80 to 3.19).

Click here to download Graduation Pictures:

109th Graduation- December 2018

108th Graduation- October 2018

107th Graduation – August 2018

106th Graduation- May 2018

105th Graduation- March 2018

104th Graduation- December 2017

103rd Graduation- October 2017

102nd Graduation – July 2017

101st Graduation- May 2017

100th Graduation- March 2017

99th Graduation– December 2016

98th Graduation– October 2016

97th Graduation– July 2016

96th Graduation– May 2016

95th Graduation– March 2016

94 th Graduation– December 18

93rd Graduation – October 2015

92nd Graduation– July 2015

91st Graduation– May 2015

90th Graduation– March 2015

89th Graduation- December 2014

88th Graduation– October 2014

87th Graduation– August 2014

86th Graduation– March 2014