CKW LUXE would like to congratulate Alain and Marie Lenotre for being CKW LUXE Top CEOs and Entrepreneurs Awards recipients for 2019.

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Alain and Marie

Alain and Marie Lenotre are the CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® founder in Houston. The Lenotre family is regarded as one of the greatest culinary name of France. In 1975 Alain Lenotre, created the chef school, Ecole Lenôtre, in Paris. He developed the Lenotre Pastry Shop franchise internationally.

He is a certified pastry chef, candy maker, and Ice Cream Maker. From 1972 until 1982, he was the General Director of Lenotre Paris.

In 1998, the couple opened the international, CULINARY ART INSTITUTE LENOTRE® college in Houston. In 2019, it was RANKED NUMBER ONE CULINARY ARTS COLLEGE IN AMERICA.

In 2010 Alain was awarded by the French Government with the Order of Merit.

Alain volunteers generously to many French associations in Texas. Also in 2018, Alain was honored with the medal of the French Senate.

Marie is the author of “Appetites”, a charming memoir that recounts her love story with Alain and their struggles establishing their institute in the United States. The book also illuminates the saga of the Lenotre in French culinary history.

Marie Lenotre was appointed CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE® director when it opened in 1998. Understanding the importance of education for aspiring chefs, Marie Created the Culinary Endowment & Scholarship in 2001 to help deserving students thrive in a culinary career. It was renamed the Gaston Lenotre Scholarship in 2009 as a tribute to Alain’s father, who passed away that same year. The fund has disbursed almost $1 million in tuition scholarship to date.

Together, Alain and Marie Lenotre have brought the traditions and excellence of the Lenotre family to the USA, helping young man and women pursue their dreams.



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