Sparkle McPherson

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Age: 41

Hometown/ current city: Houston

Course of study: Cuisine diploma

Program you graduated from: Elite Diploma de Cuisine from the CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE

Graduation year: 2019

Job: Owner of SMC Catering Company

Personal motto: “Never quit on yourself and always follow your passion. You’ll never know where it’ll take you! “

Chef inspiration: My earliest memory of wanting to be a chef came when I made bread for my family at the age of 6. My mom dad & brother we’re all gathered around and there was pure excitement.  That’s when I realized that food is a celebration!

Prior to culinary school: I obtained a degree from the University of Houston BBA in entrepreneurship, and an employee in Corporate America for a while but always felt drawn back to the culinary field.

Most important thing I’ve learned from CIL: The artistry of food is so inspiring! You’re only limited to your imagination. From conception to implementation, it’s just amazing to see what can be done.

Lab experience: Being able to connect with my team daily gives me so much more confidence and makes me feel as if I’m as valuable part of something greater.  My team and I have a great time together and work like a well-oiled machine.

Post graduation: To completely redefine what SMC Catering is capable of doing. To implement the awe inspiring techniques & ideas from world class chefs is very exciting.

Best food experience: Being part of a catering team that catered a wedding at which Michelle Obama, Sasha Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the mayor of D.C., Atlanta & more was truly the highlight of my culinary career. I’ve also catered for the Houston Texans Organization, as well as being featured on KPRC Houston, the WB Channel 39 Houston, Fox 26 with Isiah Carey,& as a food consultant & food stylist by the TLC Network.

Favorite food & beverage: Mediterranean is my favorite because it encompasses so many different flavors from various regions due to the proximity of the countries in that area.  Fresh fish, fresh produce all lend to the beauty and simplicity of great food for me.  Malbec, Shiraz & Pinot Noir wines are my favorite!

Best meal: Wow I simply cannot limit the wonderful local & global experiences I have had!  I know that they have all encompassed great people, food prepared with love & care and fantastic wine.

Favorite restaurant in Houston: We are so privileged to have a global meltdown pot that you can go to an upscale fine dining restaurant one day and go to a local establishment with a few threadbare chairs and still have a fabulous experience. But Nobu ,Masraffs, Phoenecia are all gems!




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