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Gaston LENOTRE Scholarship committee awarded $24,000 to nine students


“Today the Gaston LENOTRE Scholarship committee awarded $24,000 to nine students including a $7,000 award to Kevin Avery. Since its creation in 2001, this is the first time that our committee decided to go that high in awarding. Qualified GLS students at the CULINARY INSTITUTE LENOTRE can aspire now for more aid.“The Culinary Institute Lenotre students listed below recently applied to the Gaston LENOTRE Scholarship and were awarded the following:

Kevin Avery | $7,000.00

Alisha Swain | $3,000.00

Melissa Howell | $3,000.00

Sparkle McPherson | $2,500.00

Gabrielle Acosta | $2,500.00

Katie Prince | $2,000.00

Mary Brewton | $2,000.00

Vanessa Tristan | $1,600.00

Orlando Santiago | $600.00 

We encourage you to apply to the Gaston Lenotre Scholarship as it is a great opportunity!”

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