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Name: Haley Bobbitt Hometown:  Houston, TX Current city: Houston, TX Course of study:  A.A.S Baking & Pastry Arts Year of graduation: March 2019 What has been your inspiration to follow this path? It was always something I was sure of about my life so I made a plan early on, and stuck with…(Read More)

Students of the Term   Beatrice Mc Daniel – WattsAge: 26 Hometown: Houston Course of study: Culinary AAS Year of graduation: December, 2017 The Success Story: “Beatrice took initiatives and volunteered to become one of our voice at CIL. Beatrice is a natural leader, always positive and willing to help her classmates. She is respectful, hard…(Read More)

Students of the Term   Asiauna Randall Course of study: Cuisine Joined the CIL family on: October 2016 Favorite Pastime: Hunting The Success Story: Asiauna was easily recognized as a dedicated and respected student at CIL. Asiauna has shown Academic achievement in her outstanding con- sistent grades, as well as her kindness shown among her…(Read More)

Name: Nick Wooley Age: 37 Hometown: Dallas, TX Current city: League City, TX Course of study:  Cuisine Year of graduation: 2017 Current or project for Job/Internship: Le Bistro Personal motto: “Follow your dreams or you will spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.” We can answer the question, who is…(Read More)

Name: Tania Figueroa Age: 20 Hometown: Athens, TX Current city: Houston, TX Course of study:  Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts Year of graduation: 2018 Personal motto: “Always go for your goal and never give up.” Sometimes you have your eyes set on your passion and become tunnel visioned. It takes those around you…(Read More)

David Moore from Marshall, Texas A.A.S Culinary Arts Graduation Date: May 2017 Motto: “People may not always remember what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”   David Moore’s story writes itself. He is selfless and hard working, driven and kind, with his motto being easily applicable…(Read More)

Trina Rangel from Houston, Texas A.A.S Baking and Pastry Arts Graduation Date: December 2017 Motto: “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me” – Christopher Hernandez, Trina’s brother   There will be times where you do what you love but life requires a little more for the soul. Trina Rangel…(Read More)

Alyssa Lundy from Magnolia, Texas  A.A.S Baking & Pastry  Graduation Date: December 2017 Motto: “Just keep swimming…”   This month we decided to honour Alyssa Lundy for her hard work and regularity. Chef Christelle and Chef Francis describe Alyssa as a “meticulous, rigorous and detail oriented student, always on time and very talented…(Read More)

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